Packages "Online Store"

Software Packages

Developing an online store

Description Small Medium Large
Module "Products"      
Menu for entering product pictures, sizes and description
Menu for entering product categories
Option for palettes and colors / sizes

Option for inventory tracking/text for available products

Module "Clients"      
Customer profile
Order history
Option for discounts
Module "Orders"      
Order creation
Order processing
Order amendment
Module "Payments"      
Bank transfer
Cash on delivery
Integration with online payment systems*
Module "Promotions"      
Menu for entering promotions
Evaliation of promotional activities and analysis
Module "Courier Services"      
Integration with Speedy JSC
Delivery adress verification with "Speedy" JSC database
Automatic generation of shipping bill
Module "Reports & Analysis      
Sales reports for accounting purposes
Analytical reports on sales, margins and profits
Module "Games & Sweepstakes"      
Scratch Cards
Online Sweepstakes
Module "Newsletter"      
Automatic subscription
Automatic unsubscriotion
Select products from the store to include
Unique design      
Mobile version      
Supported languages      
Social Package      
Display fans of the online store within website
Liking products with „Like“ button and sharing
Building in comments
Sign in with Facebook
Displaying the online store as a tab within the Facebook fanpage**
Display fans of the online store within website
"+1" button and button for sharing products
Sign in with Google
Tweet button
Button "Follow us"
Building in "tweets"
One license for FC%Promo

* Includes one of the specified systems for online payments with the order of medium package.

** Requires SSL Certificate.

Consulting Packages

Developing a Business Strategy, Business Plan & Budget

Description Small Medium Large
Developing the Business Idea      
Mission & Goals
Defining target groups of customers
Defining main groups of products & services
Defining geographical orientation
Determinig the potential for development
Goals & Budget      
Annual Goals for the first 3 years
Marketing & Advertising Budget for the first year
Marketing Analysis of the market      
Segment Analysis and market trends
Analysis of competitors
Market development projections

Developing Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Description Small Medium Large
Defining target customer groups
Defining main groups of products and services
Defining geographical orientation
Defining priority trade channels
Recommending company logo       
Recommending company vision      
Recommending main marketing message
Recommending main advertising channels      
Recommending frequency & duration of advertising campaigns
Preparing Marketin & Advertising Budget for the first year
Preparing several advertising messages      
Preparing media plan      

Operational Packages

Description Small Medium Large
Recommending a portfolio: brands      
Recommending a portfolio: brands & products      
Suggesting suppliers      
Negotiating with potential suppliers      
Suggesting pricing policy & strategy: brands      
Suggesting pricing policy & strategy: brands & products      
Recommending deliveries structure and administration of orders      
Recommending store functionalities      
Recommending Advertising Strategy & Plan      
Preparing media plan