Easy to use software for evaluation and analysis of promotional activities. It is designed to be of help to the Marketing department by automating the process and providing ready analysis in tabular and graphical form. 

Ideal aid and supporting tool in preparing presentations and marketing analysis for recommending investment in a type of promotional activity during the discussions of the annual sales and investment plans! 

Focuses audience's attention on the most profitable and the most successfull promotions amongs all already done activities and in this way allows for improving the financial outcome in the future by enabling you to plan and carry out guaranteed successfull promotions!

Possible integration with client's software upon request.*

Similar product: Module Promotions in Large Software Package "Online Store". 

*Not included in the price for a license. 

Software for independent conducting of games and sweepstakes with prizes drawing at random, which is designed to automatically adminster withdrawals of winners amongst database of participants by the push of a button. 

We provide the fully finished product with complete design and embedded prizes while you only need to grant us access to the data of participants and to administer the drawing itself. 

The software may be used multiple times while there is no restriction in the type and number of prizes! When carring out a subsequent game which requires an amendment in the number or type of awards, we do the adequate design changes as per your preferences.

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