Software & Consulting Packages


Suitable packages for all who aim to increase their popularity, discover new business partners, reach more customers and in this way to increase sales by fully utilizing the means of internet.  

Supported by the appropriate social packages for online marketing in social networks! 

With embedded administrative panel for easy data entry, update and renewal of website contents! 

Electronic Sweepstakes & Games

Suitable packages for online stores, shops, chain of stores and distributor companies or for all who intend to increase sales or brand awareness via organizing a sweepstake.

Depending on clients' needs and requirements, the offered packages include embedding a small software module within an existing website  or developing a separate website for the sweepstake itself. 

No preliminary experience in the area is required! Our consulting packages will help you develop the idea, prepare the rules of the game and perform all other necessary steps that will guarantee the success of your sweepstake! 

Online Store

Suitable packages for all who intend to open an online store in the form of complete solutions.

On top of the traditional module development, we add also marketing & management packages which contain our know-how in this field.

No preliminary experience in the area is required! Our consulting packages will help  you start your own business successfully!

Marketing & Management

Suitable packages for all who intend to start a new venture or to expand thier existing venture in Bulgaria. 

We carry out the necessary market research, prepare the right business plans and recommend the winning marketing strategies so that we set you on your path to success!

Order flexibility

To meet the needs even of the most demanding clients we offer extremely flexible options for order of the selected services. For example, you could order some of the packages which have been pre-configured for you and thus taking advantage of the special package price with included discount or you could add to the selceted package additional modules or options that you would like or need. This may happen at the time of placing the order or at a later stage together with the growth of your venture.   

In both cases you will receive professional service combined with highly reliable products and last, but not least, training to work with and utilize fully the selected product, which will be necessary for entering and updating the contents of your website or online store.  

Discounts & gifts

All our clients who order a Large Software Package "Website" or "Online Store" will receive as a gift one permanent license for FC%Promo! 

On top of this, upon the order of two packages of the same type, additional discounts await you. For example, one Medium Software Package and one Medium Consulting Package would save you 10% from the planned expenses for that purpose. The same discounts apply for the order of one Large Software Package and one Large Consulting Package.