Information Technologies

We offer a wide range of software services, including developing tailor-made software, developing websites, software for sweepstakes & games, online stores and alike. 

We create modern and flexible websites  that allow for ease of data entry, easy update of contents at later stages, which in turn allows website administration with own resources and thus saves both time and costs for future contents rejuvenation. 

We strive to answer to the maximum possible extent the needs and requirements of our clients, which is guaranteed by our system for scheduling and facilitating online meetings before preparing a specific offer, as well as during the process of software development, implementation of the ready product and the subsequent trainings. That reflects in the end price of the rendered service as it has no burden from transportation and traveling expenses. 

Marketing & management

We offer the complete range of Marketing & Management services that will give you a successfull start in the selected business area and will guarantee solid plans for your success. 

Regardless of whether you plan to open an online store, to start a new venture or to expand your venture in Bulgaria, we shall carry out the necessary market research, prepare the appropriate Business & Marketing Plans and suggest your winning strategies. 

All you need to do is select a suitable cocktail from our Marketing & Management Packages!

Software & Consulting packages

We offer pre-configured packages in several variants that allow for signifacant price reduction of the desired services.  At the same time you have the option to add services and options to the selected package together with placing your order or at a later stage.  That guarantess unparalleled flexibility in order creation as well as optimal price for the client.

We also offer complete solutions in two areas, in which we are highly specialized: 

  • sweepstakes & games
  • online stores 

​Upon the order of Medium and Large Software Packages, aditional gifts await you, and upon the order of two packages of the same type - additional discounts! 

Wholesale & Exports

Preparing offers based on specific inquiries with 100% advance payment and flexible delivery options.